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Rock Tape®


Unleashing the Power of Kinesiology Tape


RockTape®, a revolutionary form of kinesiology tape, traces its origins back to Japan, where acupuncturists and chiropractors first embraced its potential. Today, practitioners worldwide utilize kinesiology tape, with RockTape at the forefront, to address injuries and elevate sports performance.


While RockTape has adorned athletes like Michelle Wie, Adrian Peterson, and Jason Khalipa, its effectiveness extends far beyond sports-related injuries. Crafted from 97% cotton and 3% nylon, RockTape boasts a hypoallergenic, acrylic-based adhesive free from latex.


Calm Sea
Blue Water

Benefits of Rock Tape


Pain Interference

 Turn down the volume on pain with RockTape. By strategically applying the tape, it interferes with painful signals reaching the brain. This alteration in signal perception reduces the sensation of pain. Many users describe it as "magic" or a quick fix for injuries, thanks to its impact on nerve endings and skin receptors in the injured area.


Swelling and Inflammation Management

RockTape's microscopic lifting effect beneath the skin facilitates increased blood flow and accelerates the removal of inflammation by-products. It promotes the free flow of congested or compressed blood vessels, creating space between various layers of tissues for

optimal healing.


Fatigue Delay

  Research demonstrates that RockTape on the skin attenuates muscle fatigue. This proves crucial in rehabilitation, not only for the targeted injured areas but also for surrounding areas compensating for weakened muscles. It plays a role in enhancing overall muscle performance.


Normalization of Muscle Tone

 Injuries, fatigue, illness, or inflammation can disrupt the precise orchestration of muscle action in the body. RockTape helps revive dormant muscles and soothe overactive ones. By promoting coordinated movement as if uninjured, it facilitates proper healing.


Distribution of Physical Stress

 Unlike traditional taping methods that restrict movement, RockTape allows full range of motion in the taped area. Its elastic properties and quick recoil enable the distribution of forces across nearby areas—fascia, ligaments, and even bones—alleviating physical stress.

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